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Commercial Solutions


With customers and suppliers coming and going throughout the day, valuable stock on display and significant sums of cash often held on site, retail businesses are busy by nature. Shop and retail insurance is a must because accidents can and do happen, no matter how many precautions you take. And since a typical UK small retail business has a lot of cash tied up in its stock, the costs of such mishaps can be high. The insurance needs of retailers vary as widely as the products and services they provide to the public. That’s why our retail insurance can be tailored to suit your business.


Your factory is critical to the success of your business so ensuring that you have the appropriate cover should the unthinkable happen allows you to focus on driving your business forwards. Challenge Variety Insurance for a quote to cover your factory today, we work hard to find great deals for our customers.

Industrial Units

Industrial Units are imperative in the running and organisation of many business including retailers, wholesalers and distributors. They can also carry the most risk in comparison to other commercial properties. Stock and equipment is often stored in Industrial Units overnight that can range in value up to thousands of pounds yet Industrial Units can be subject to risks like electrical fires or flooding like any other building and your stock needs protecting. We can provide quotes for Industrial Units Insurance, otherwise known as Commercial Combined Insurance which can offer protection for the building as well as its contents.


Hotels are generally busy places, bustling with guests, staff, and suppliers. As there is so much going on you may face increased risks and challenges, which is why it’s essential to have the right insurance policy in place to protect your business should the unforeseen happen. Although we can’t prevent accidents from occurring, we can make sure you have comprehensive cover in place. Here at Variety Insurance, we’ve been providing insurance to the hospitality industry since 1980, so our experienced, team has the knowledge and expertise to put together a policy to suit your specific requirements.

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