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Trade Solutions

Tradesman Liability

Whatever you trade, you will have learned your skills over many years and your customers rely on your skills as an expert to design, make or repair for them. However your occupation can be hazardous and in the event something may go wrong you need to have the right insurance in place. Here at Variety Insurance we can tailor exactly the right policy to cover you. To discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Public Liability Insurance

We would strongly recommend any tradesman to take out a public liability insurance policy. It protects both you and your business from any claims that may arise from accident or injury to a member of the public or a customer. Your insurance policy will help to cover any costs arising from a claim such as legal fees or compensation claims.

There are many levels of public liability cover and your insurance premiums will reflect this. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements and we can guide you to the best policy to meet your needs.

Employers' Liability Insurance 

Unlike public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance protects you if an employee gets injured or falls ill due to any activities carried out as part of their normal working practices. This can cover legal fees and compensation claims and there are various levels of cover available with a minimum cover starting at £5 million. We have a wide range of policies available and would be more than happy to discuss the level of cover that would be appropriate for your business.

For further information contact our Commercial Clients managers on 01566 773870 or

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