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Residential Solutions


Our insurance is designed specifically for landlords and buy-to-let owners. Variety Insurance can provide Landlord Insurance which offers high levels of standard cover, options to increase limits, and extend your cover if you need to. Remember that home insurance isn’t designed for rental properties, you need specialist insurance for landlords.

Empty Room
Landlords Unoccupied Insurance

Home Insurance will not cover damage to your property when it isn't occupied, in fact, most home insurers do not cover property whilst unoccupied and as such, your policy may become invalid. At Variety Insurance we have a solution for this and offer cover for properties which are unoccupied.

Man Measuring Window
Unoccupied Undergoing Works Insurance

When a property is unoccupied it is open to more risks than usual, such as vandalism or theft. However when an unoccupied property is undergoing works there are additional risks including those of accidental damage to your property. Variety Insurance can offer a tailored and cost effective solution.

Holiday Villa
Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday homes can be just as valuable to you as your permanent residence so Variety Insurance can offer you cost effective and tailored insurance for your second home. 

Wooden Book Shelves
Tenants Contents Insurance

Live in rented accommodation? Only pay for the cover you need with our simple to arrange, affordable tenants’ contents insurance cover.

Business Meeting
Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee Insurance

Landlords Legal Expenses covers costs for legal disputes such as eviction and Landlords Rent Guarantee is there to protect your rental income should your tenants become unable to pay their rent.

For further information contact our Commercial Clients managers on 01566 773870 or

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