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Residential Solutions


Our insurance is designed specifically for landlords and buy-to-let owners. Variety Insurance can provide Landlord Insurance which offers high levels of standard cover, options to increase limits, and extend your cover if you need to. Remember that home insurance isn’t designed for rental properties, you need specialist insurance for landlords.

Student Lets

Landlord insurance for students covers a number of key areas when letting a property to students. It can insure against loss of rent, malicious acts and damage caused by tenants, unoccupancy periods and accidental damage caused by the tenants. This cover can provide peace of mind for landlords specialising in this letting market.

DSS Tenants 

DSS landlord insurance can provide specific areas of cover for your property. These can include accidental damage caused by tenants, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage caused by tenants and theft by tenants. These can be a major concern for landlords, so a good insurance policy can be crucial. We can provide a number of solutions that are tailored to this market, so please give us a call to discuss your specific needs.


Insuring a flat can be more tricky than insuring a house. When you own a house, you tend to own the whole building and garden. When you own or rent a flat, someone else often owns the building and garden. Whether you need buildings insurance or not for your flat depends on whether you own the freehold. Often, the landlord holds the freehold and will be responsible for insuring the building. If you own the freehold, or if you're part of a committee that owns the building, you are collectively responsible for the buildings insurance. We have many years of experience advising clients on the correct level and type of insurance, contact us for more information.

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