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Professional Solutions

Indemnity Insurance

This insurance will be especially important for you if you give professional advice, certify or design for a fee but do not carry out work or supply goods needed to fulfill these services yourself. In other words, Professional Liability will cover your business if your clients accuse you of giving wrong advice that led them to financial losses. We have an extensive portfolio of companies offering policies to cover your business and we are ideally placed to advise you to the best solution for your personal circumstances.

Director & Officers Liability

Companies and businesses often make many important decisions every day and making the wrong decision could result in losses for the company or a third party, with the directors and officers potentially being held responsible. Even management decisions made with the best intentions can come under scrutiny, and any case brought against you can result in costly legal action to defend those decisions. We can provide bespoke insurance solutions for directors and officers which can be invaluable by assisting you financially to defend against allegations of any wrong doings.

Cyber Liability

A cyber insurance policy, also referred to as cyber risk insurance or cyber liability insurance coverage (CLIC), is designed to help an organisation mitigate risk exposure by offsetting costs involved with recovery after a cyber-related security breach or similar event. We can offer a number of competitive and comprehensive solutions and our dedicated team welcome your enquires.

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