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Home Insurance

Buildings and Contents Cover

Having home insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if you need to repair your home or replace your belongings after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed. It comes in two parts: buildings insurance (cover against damage to the house itself) and contents insurance (for damaged or stolen items within the home). These can be combined or bought separately, so the first step is deciding which option is better for you.

Building Insurance

If your home or any outbuildings are damaged due to things like fire or flooding, having buildings insurance could save the day. Unlike contents insurance, which covers your belongings, buildings insurance covers your roof, floors, windows, doors or ceilings. This option would ideally suit landlords who are responsible for the upkeep of the structure of the building.

Contents Insurance

If you turn your house upside down, everything that moves should be covered by home contents insurance. That’s how it’s different to buildings insurance which just covers the structure of your home. This option is primarily suited to those in the rented sector, where the tenant has no responsibility for the structure of the building.

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